Did you know???

             …fish DO feel pain! 

Although fish brain anatomy differs somewhat from that of cats and dogs, they all have the same types of nerve fibers and physiological pathways for transmission of pain. 

Fish vets regularly administer pain management injections to fish patients peri-operatively and for painful conditions.

What To Expect

Before the house call I will take basic information by phone such as how many and what kind of fish you have, what signs and symptoms any or all of the fish are displaying, when the problem(s) started, what type of food they are fed, if any water treatments or medicines have been administered, etc. (To get started, please fill out the Fish History Questionnaire)

Once at your home I will take notes on the aquarium/pond set-up, quarantine tank, and filtration system. Next I measure and evaluate several water quality parameters, followed by physical examination of affected fish under light sedation. In addition, I will examine external tissues microscopically onsite for pathological changes, parasites, and bacteria. Diagnosis and recommendations will be given at that time.

I will need an outdoor area where there is a table available to set up my microscope, scale, and test equipment, with access to a nearby electrical outlet. My visit will last a minimum of 2 hours.